Ezio Melotti  committed 4cdbeb1

#461: show a note about the contributor agreement to users that submitted a patch and have not signed it yet.

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File html/issue.item.html

+<p tal:condition="python: and not request.user.contrib_form and
+                  any( == for file in context.files)"
+   id="contribform">
+    In order to accept your patches, core developers have to verify that you
+    have signed the contributor agreement.<br>
+    If you haven't done so yet, please <a href="">
+    fill in the contributor agreement form</a>.<br>
+    (Note that it might take a few days before your tracker profile is updated;
+     once it's done your name will have a * next to it.)</p>
 <table class="files" tal:condition="context/hgrepos">
  <tr><th class="Header" colspan="4">Repositories containing patches</th></tr>
  <tr tal:repeat="hgrepo python:context.hgrepos.sorted('creation')">

File html/style.css

   font-size: 90%;
+p#contribform {
+    border: 1px solid #000000;
+    padding: .5em;
+    color: #000000;
+    background-color: #eee;
 .calendar_display {
   text-align: center;