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Ezio Melotti  committed e2c6cb5

Make sure the <option> is selected when the issue is assigned to self.

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  <td tal:condition="context/assignee/is_edit_ok">
   <select name="assignee">
    <option value="-1">nobody</option>
-   <option tal:attributes="value request/user/id"
+   <option tal:attributes="value request/user/id;
+                           selected python:request.user.id == context.assignee._value"
    <tal:block tal:repeat="userdata python:sorted(db._db.user.filter_sql('select id,_username from _user where _roles like \'%Developer%\''), key=lambda user:user[1].lower())">
    <option tal:condition="python:str(userdata[0]) != request.user.id"