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follow commit line on pushing

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     revisions (included).
     args = ["log", "--template", '{rev}:{node|short}\n', "-b", svn_branch,
-            '--limit', '1000',
+            '--limit', '1000', '--follow',
             "-r", "%s:%s" % (strip_hg_rev(first_rev),
     out = run_hg(args)
 def get_hg_csets_description(start_rev, end_rev):
     """Get description of a given changeset range."""
-    return run_hg(["log", "--template", "{desc|strip}\n", "--rev",
+    return run_hg(["log", "--template", "{desc|strip}\n", "--follow", "--rev",
                    start_rev+":"+end_rev, "--prune", start_rev])
 def get_hg_cset_description(rev_string):
 def get_hg_log(start_rev, end_rev):
     """Get log messages for given changeset range."""
-    log_args=["log", "--verbose", "--rev", start_rev+":"+end_rev, "--prune", start_rev]
+    log_args=["log", "--verbose", "--follow", "--rev", start_rev+":"+end_rev, "--prune", start_rev]
     return run_hg(log_args)
 def get_svn_subdirs(top_dir):
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