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Locally helps to run projects directly from a source
code checkout without installing.

This repository includes a collection of independent,
standalone, single script snippets that show how to
bootstrap/run projects directly from a source. There
is also a 'locally' module with helpers gathered as a
result of writing such scripts.

All code is placed in public domain.

Your goal is to create a script (typically called that does everything necessary to get
your project running without tedious installation
steps or documentation read.

You do so by copying/pasting relevant pieces of code
available from this repository.

The script should automate as much manual steps as
possible and provide feedback for user where it is
required. The scripts usually sets environment,
fetches archives, dependencies and executes source
code in this setup.

What is `locally` exactly and why would you need it
It is examples of convention, layout, best practices
and it is also a library of Python helpers to run
your apps without installing. Very useful for
development, because:

  * it lowers the barrier for contribution
  * reduces time loss between checkout and run

Finally, it enables users to try latest code without
overhead of building and packaging things themselves.

Where to start
Study by example starting from script to
see what works for you. When you get the concept,
take a look into `locally` module for other useful

See examples:

anatoly techtonik <>
..contributions are welcome..

Public domain or MIT.