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pjdelport pjdelport
techtonik techtonik

Python 3 support, and cleanups

  1. Piet Delport avatarPiet Delport

This makes pycountry work with Python 3.

Miscellaneous packaging-related cleanups, while here:

  • Add .hgignore
  • Update MANIFEST.in
  • Remove egg-info directory from version control

Update: Added a Tox configuration as well.

Comments (9)

  1. Christian Theune

    Cool, thanks. Looks good to me.

    Which reminds me, anatoly techtonik, what's the status on officially moving to HG anyway? I still have an SVN checkout lying on my machine. I'd like to help getting this more accessible to the community, but I'm lost right now ... :)

  2. Piet Delport author

    Coolness. :)

    I updated the request with one more changeset, to add a tox.ini for Tox. This makes it really easy to run the test suite almost anywhere, by just doing a checkout and running tox.

    1. Piet Delport author

      Ah, cool. It might be a good idea to update the README, PyPI etc. to point to that?

      Is there a better place to take this conversation? The gocept repository doesn't seem to have its issue tracker enabled...

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