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replace unportable (across Python implementations) test with more explicit one; thanks anatoly

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 # $Id: $
+import struct
 from ctypes import *
 import pyglet
 import constants
 from types import *
+IS64 = struct.calcsize("P") == 8
 _debug_win32 = pyglet.options['debug_win32']
 if _debug_win32:
 _user32.SetCapture.argtypes = [HWND]
 _user32.SetClassLongW.restype = DWORD
 _user32.SetClassLongW.argtypes = [HWND, c_int, LONG]
-if tuple.__itemsize__ == 8:
+if IS64:
     _user32.SetClassLongPtrW.restype = ULONG
     _user32.SetClassLongPtrW.argtypes = [HWND, c_int, LONG_PTR]
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