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Another usage of M2Crypto EVP replaced by hashlib.

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 5. Check verify(key, data, sig)
+import hashlib
-    from M2Crypto import EVP, DSA, BIO
+    from M2Crypto import DSA, BIO
     def load_key(string):
         """load_key(string) -> key
         bytes that represent the signature, using the sha1+DSA
         algorithm. key is an internal representation of the DSA key
         as returned from load_key."""
-        md = EVP.MessageDigest('sha1')
-        md.update(data)
-        digest =
-        return key.verify_asn1(digest, sig)
+        return key.verify_asn1(hashlib.sha1(data).digest(), sig)
 except ImportError:
     # DSA signature algorithm, taken from pycrypto 2.0.1
     # The license terms are the same as the ones for this module.
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