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+ <- paint button with selected color

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+# The code is placed into public domain by anatoly techtonik
+# Feel free to copy/paste wherever you like
+# Absolutely minimal example of PySide application with button calling dialog
+# More info about Qt dialogs:
+from PySide.QtGui import QApplication, QPushButton, QColorDialog, QMessageBox,\
+                         QPixmap
+def choose_color():
+    # Select color
+    color  = QColorDialog().getColor()
+    # Report about result of selection in QMessageBox dialog
+    msgbox = QMessageBox()
+    if color.isValid():
+        # Create a memory image 50x50 filled with selected color to display
+        # as a icon in the msgbox dialog
+        pixmap = QPixmap(50, 50)
+        pixmap.fill(color)
+        msgbox.setWindowTitle(u'Selected Color')
+        msgbox.setIconPixmap(pixmap)
+    else:
+        msgbox.setWindowTitle(u'No Color was Selected')
+    msgbox.exec_()
+app = QApplication([])
+# Create top level window/button
+button = QPushButton('Choose Color')
+# Call function that invokes color selection dialog when the button is clicked
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