pyside-copy-paste /

# The code is placed into public domain by anatoly techtonik
# Feel free to copy/paste wherever you like

# Minimal PySide application with button for choosing color to paint itself

from PySide.QtGui import QApplication, QPushButton, QColorDialog, QMessageBox

class ButtonPainter(object):
  def __init__(self, button):
    self.button = button

  def choose_color(self):
    # Select color
    color  = QColorDialog().getColor()
    if color.isValid():
        # Set color with a stylesheet (this seems to destroy default system
        # theme for the element - like rounded corners etc)
        self.button.setStyleSheet(u'background-color:' +
        msgbox = QMessageBox()
        msgbox.setWindowTitle(u'No Color was Selected')

app = QApplication([])
# Create top level window/button
button = QPushButton('Choose Color')
# button.clicked.connect() doesn't support passing custom parameters to
# handler function (reference to the  button that we want to paint), so we
# create object that will hold this parameter
button_painter = ButtonPainter(button)

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