anatoly techtonik committed 98d8b22

Switch to defaultdict() where needed

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     path = path_re.match(path).group(1)
     return path
-issue_files = {}    # 'number' => []
-issue_patches = {}  # 'number' => []
-module_issues = {}
+issue_files = {}                   # 'number' => []
+issue_patches = defaultdict(list)  # 'number' => []
+module_issues = defaultdict(list)
 python_files = defaultdict(set)  # 'path/file' => {(issuen, title), ...}
 for issuen in open_issues:
     patchset = patch.fromfile(path)
     if patchset:
       files_patches += 1
-      if issuen not in issue_patches:
-        issue_patches[issuen] = []
       # detect if there is a module for the patch path
       for entry in patchset.items:
         if module:
           print(' (module: %s)' % module, end='')
-          if module not in module_issues:
-            module_issues[module] = []
           if issuen not in module_issues[module]:
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