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add license terms into file itself - MIT for countries without Public Domain

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-The sole purpose of this module to provide easy to remember way of downloading
-files with out-of-the-box Python installation:
+""" Download utility as easy way to get file from internet
+    python -m wget <URL>
+    python <URL>
-    python -m wget <URL>
+    Placed into Public Domain by anatoly techtonik
+    Also available under the terms of MIT license if you need
+    Copyright (c) 2010 anatoly techtonik <>
+    Downloads:
+    Development:
-This module should probably be renamed to something else before incorporated
-into Python library to avoid complains about missing options, but it is hard
-to invent something more intuitive (like 'fetch').
+    If this module will be included into Python library, it
+    is better be renamed to something like 'fetch' to avoid
+    complains about missing options.
 import sys, urllib, shutil, os, urlparse
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