Issue #7 resolved
Former user created an issue with some unicode character the download fails.

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  1. Lucas Rangit Magasweran

    I was able to serve یـــــــــاد.zip up via python -m SimpleHTTPServer and download it using"http://localhost:8000/test/یـــــــــاد.zip").

    Could the on.rename error be because the terminal or file system does not support unicode? I'm using Gnome Terminal on Linux.

  2. anatoly techtonik repo owner

    @Lucas Rangit Magasweran thanks for the report. I committed the fix for download API'http://localhost:8000/test/یـــــــــاد.zip') on Python 2 + Windows by changing the filename parameter from str to unicode, but it seems like a can of living unicode worms. =)

    I think I might need to bump code to a new version, because I don't have proper test coverage and need to rely on bug reports to collect those worms.

    BTW, do you know how to setup testing environment to spin up a web server like you've mentioned (which is, BTW, appeared to be very helpful to work on this bug report).

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