anatoly techtonik avatar anatoly techtonik committed 6ced492

add filemap.txt to filter and installer/ to strip repository size by 20Mb from 47Mb to 20Mb

partial size report from previous checkout:
$ du -ak .hg/store/data | egrep -e '*.i$' -e '*.d$' | sort -rg | less
1760 .hg/store/data/installer/vc9redist__x86.exe.d
572 .hg/store/data/
552 .hg/store/data/
492 .hg/store/data/
344 .hg/store/data/
328 .hg/store/data/
328 .hg/store/data/
328 .hg/store/data/
316 .hg/store/data/installer/msvcr90.dll.d
308 .hg/store/data/doc/man/scons.1.d
292 .hg/store/data/src/engine/_s_cons/_node/
272 .hg/store/data/test/_deprecated
260 .hg/store/data/
252 .hg/store/data/
240 .hg/store/data/src/_c_h_a_n_g_e_s.txt.d
156 .hg/store/data/src/_r_e_l_e_a_s_e.txt.d

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 mkdir $DEST_DIR
-hg convert --datesort --authormap=$CURDIR/authors.txt --splicemap=$CURDIR/splicemap.txt $REPO_PATH $DEST_DIR
+hg convert --datesort --authormap=$CURDIR/authors.txt --filemap=$CURDIR/filemap.txt --splicemap=$CURDIR/splicemap.txt $REPO_PATH $DEST_DIR
 # uncomment the following lines to close the testing branch
+exclude "installer"
+exclude ""
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