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Update CHANGES for the last commit. I almost remembered in time!

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     - Print the path to the SCons package in scons --version
-  From Jean-François Colson:
+  From Jean-Fran�ois Colson:
     - Improve Microsoft Visual Studio Solution generation, and fix
       various errors in the generated solutions especially when using
     - Fixed the LaTeX scanner so dependencies are found in commands that
       are broken across lines with a comment or have embedded spaces.
+    - The TeX builders should now work with tex files that are generated
+      by another program. Thanks to Hans-Martin von Gaudecker for
+      isolating the cause of this bug.
   From Russel Winder:
     - Add support for DMD version 2 (the phobos2 library).
     - Issue 2401: Fix usage of comparisons with None.
-  From Ludwig Hähne:
+  From Ludwig H�hne:
     - Handle Java inner classes declared within a method.
     - Fix VariantDir duplication of #included files in subdirectories.
-  From Ludwig Hähne:
+  From Ludwig H�hne:
     - Reduce memory usage when a directory is used as a dependency of
       another Node (such as an Alias) by returning a concatenation
     - Clear the Node state when turning a generic Entry into a Dir.
-  From Ludwig Hähne:
+  From Ludwig H�hne:
     - Fix sporadic output-order failures in test/GetBuildFailures/
   - Fix the --debug=stree option so it prints its tree once, not twice.
-  From Johan BoulĂ:
+  From Johan Boulďż˝:
   - Fix the ability to use LoadableModule() under MinGW.