anatoly techtonik committed b496d47

Clean up remnants of Optik module which was removed in
SCons 0.98 (revision 6661c9ea429f by Steven Knight)

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     e = os.path.join('#src', 'engine')
     manifest_in = File(os.path.join(e, '')).rstr()
     sources = [x[:-1] for x in open(manifest_in).readlines()]
-    sources = [x for x in sources if x.find('Optik') == -1]
     sources = [x for x in sources if x.find('Platform') == -1]
     sources = [x for x in sources if x.find('Tool') == -1]
     # XXX
   - Add a new AddOption() function to support user-defined command-
     line flags (like --prefix=, --force, etc.).
+  - Replace modified Optik version with new optparse compatibility module
+    for command line processing in Scripts/
   - Push and retrieve built symlinks to/from a CacheDir() as actual
     symlinks, not by copying the file contents.