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William Deegan  committed fff3bcd

TARGET_OS|ARCH should never be defaulted to HOST_OS|ARCH. This makes it impossible to detect if the user specified a default. Tools should have this information available to do the appropriate thing for the specified target, and if not present use reasonable sequece of defaults to try

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File src/engine/SCons/Environment.py

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         self._dict['HOST_ARCH']    = self._dict.get('HOST_ARCH',None)
         # Now set defaults for TARGET_{OS|ARCH}
-        self._dict['TARGET_OS']      = self._dict.get('HOST_OS',None)
-        self._dict['TARGET_ARCH']    = self._dict.get('HOST_ARCH',None)
+        self._dict['TARGET_OS']      = self._dict.get('TARGET_OS',None)
+        self._dict['TARGET_ARCH']    = self._dict.get('TARGET_ARCH',None)
         # Apply the passed-in and customizable variables to the