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This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.

<tool name="install">
Sets construction variables for file
and directory installation.

<builder name="Install">
Installs one or more source files or directories
in the specified target,
which must be a directory.
The names of the specified source files or directories
remain the same within the destination directory. The
sources may be given as a string or as a node returned by
a builder. If the source is a versioned shared library
the appropriate symlinks to it will be generated.

env.Install('/usr/local/bin', source = ['foo', 'bar'])

<builder name="InstallAs">
Installs one or more source files or directories
to specific names,
allowing changing a file or directory name
as part of the installation.
It is an error if the
arguments list different numbers of files or directories.

env.InstallAs(target = '/usr/local/bin/foo',
              source = 'foo_debug')
env.InstallAs(target = ['../lib/libfoo.a', '../lib/libbar.a'],
              source = ['libFOO.a', 'libBAR.a'])