anatoly techtonik committed c8150f4

manually import all Trac internal modules as a workaround
for setuptools dependency

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     sys.exit("Error while executing SVN. Aborting")
 print("02. Check Genshi")
   import imp
 import genshi
 print("... imported Genshi %s" % genshi.__version__)
+print("03. Importing Core Trac Modules")
+# even core Trac modules are imported through setuptools, and
+# here is a workaround to get rid of the dependency
+imports = open(os.path.join(DEVPATH, '')).readlines()
+key = [x for x,y in enumerate(imports) if '[trac.plugins]' in y][0]
+imports = imports[key+1:]
+key = [x for x,y in enumerate(imports) if '"""' in y][0]
+imports = imports[:key]
+for line in imports:
+  # line format is "trac.db.sqlite = trac.db.sqlite_backend"
+  # or trac.mimeview.rst = trac.mimeview.rst[reST]
+  name = line.split('=',1)[1].strip()
+  if '[' in name:
+    name = name[:name.index('[')]
+  try:
+    __import__(name)
+  except ImportError, err:
+    print '... %s failed to load: %s' % (name, err)
 if not os.path.exists(ENVPATH):
-  print("03. Creating .trac/ environment in %s" % ENVPATH)
+  print("04. Creating .trac/ environment in %s" % ENVPATH)
   import trac.admin.console[ENVPATH, 'initenv',
     'Default "Trac Environment" for Development',
-  print("03. .trac/ environment already exists - exiting")
+  print("04. .trac/ environment already exists - exiting")
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