wikify /

wikify your texts! micro-framework for text wikification

goals - easy to extend and debug

operation (flat algorithm)
 for each region
   - find region in processed text
   - process region matched
   - exclude processed text from further processing

example - replace all wiki:something with HTML links
 [x] wrap text into list with single item
 [x] split text into three parts using regexp `wiki:\w+`
 [x] copy 1st part (not-matched) into the resulting list
 [x] replace matched part with link, insert (processed)
     into the resulting list
 [ ] process (the-rest) until text list doesn't change

 [ ] repeat the above for the rest of rules, skipping
     (processed) parts

 [x] reassemble text from the list

 [ ] optimize - measure perfomance of using indexes
     instead of text chunks

notes - (flat algorithm) doesn't process nested markup,
        for example *`bold preformatted text`*

0.1  - proof of concept, production ready, no API sugar
       and optimizations

__author__ = "anatoly techtonik <>"
__license__ = "Public Domain"
__version__ = "0.2dev"

# --- define rules ---

# rule is a function that takes text and returns either
# None (not mathed) or a list of three text items:
# [ not-matched, processed, the-rest ]

import re

# just an example
def rule_linkstub(text):
  """ replace urls with [link] stubs """
  linkre = re.compile('https?://\S+')
  # [ ] test with commas and other URL escaped symbols
  match =
  if match == None:
    return None
  return (text[:match.start()], "[link]", text[match.end():])

# [ ] sets of common rules
# [ ] configurable replacements

# --- execute rules ---

# [ ] indented prints after every step

def wikify(text, rules):
  texts = []  # store processed pieces
  subst = []  # store replacements

  texts = [text]
  for rule in rules:
    subidx = 0  # index in replacements array
    for idx,part in enumerate(texts):
      if part == None:
        subidx += 1
      res = rule(part)
      if res == None:
        # replacing current text with three elements
        # ( not-matched, None, the-rest )
        # the None component will be picked on next
        # iterationand subidx will be increased

        # [ ] check endless cycle condition
        texts[idx:] = [res[0], None, res[2]]

  # -- reasseble
  # [ ] optimize for memory usage
  # [ ] sanity check count(None) == len(subst)
  restext = ''
  subidx = 0
  for part in texts:
    if part == None:
      # substitute
      restext += subst[subidx]
      subidx += 1
      restext += part
  return restext

if __name__ == '__main__':
  # tests for linkstub
  text = 'a web site'
  print(wikify(text, [rule_linkstub]))

  text = ''
  print(wikify(text, [rule_linkstub]))
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