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at least didn't crash

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             root['stack'] += self.profile.main['stack']
             self.profile.stack = [root,[[self.profile.main, self.profile.stack]]]
-            # root['stack'] = self.profile.stack
-            pass # self.profile.stack = [root,[[self.profile.stack]]]
+            root['stack'] += self.profile.stack
+            self.profile.stack = [root, [[self.profile.stack]]]
         # TODO - check profile where nothing happened (no PHP fn calls)...
         # self.profile.stack = []


 import wx
 import os.path
+import logging
 from profile import Profile
 class Calltree(wx.TreeCtrl):
         i = 0
         if not type(payload['children']) == list: return
+        logging.debug("---")
         for item in payload['children']:
             if type(item) == dict:
+                logging.debug("dict")
                 newItem = self.AppendItem(parentItem, item['name'])
                 newPayload = {'self': item, 'children': [], 'called': payload['self']['stack'][i]}
                 self.SetItemPyData(newItem, newPayload)
+                logging.debug("list")
+                #import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
                 newItem = self.AppendItem(parentItem, item[0]['name'])
                 newPayload = {'self': item[0], 'children': item[1], 'called': payload['self']['stack'][i]}
                 # May need a lazy list - looks like SetItemPyData has issues with big datasets
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