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This module prints function trace to stdout from the moment it is called:

import xtrace

It is also possible to call xtrace as module from the command line:

python -m xtrace <script.py> [param] ...

or use as a standalone script:

python xtrace.py <script.py> [param] ...

The output format is that of Xdebug http://xdebug.org/docs/execution_trace But frankly, I didn't have time to polish it to be exactly the same. If you will find the time and desire to polish it - feel free to send a patch.

This code is released into public domain. Hope you'll find it useful.

=== History ===

  • 0.2 - added version info, support running from command line, moved main functions into a class to isolate used variables in local namespace
  • 0.1 - initial release