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Hardware requirements:

* server-class computer (modern architecture)
* 8 GB of RAM (16 GB for application with full functionalities eg. DMS,
map services, BIM services)
* 120 GB of available hard disk space for each CMDBuild instance

Software requirements: 

* any OS able to handle the following applications (linux recommended)
* PostgreSQL from 9.5 to 10.7
* PostGIS 2.4 or 2.5 (optional)
* Apache Tomcat 8.5 (8.5.34 recommended)
* JDK 1.8
* Any DMS that supports the CMIS protocol (optional)

Included libraries:

* jdbc library for DB connection
* jasperreports libraries for report generation
* shark libraries for the workflow engine
* CMIS DMS client
* Ext JS libraries for user interface
* Server and client components for map making feature
* Server and client components for BIM viewer

Additional software that you may find useful (not included):

* JasperSoft Studio for custom report design
* Together Workflow Editor for custom workflow design
* OCS Inventory as automatic inventory software

Deployment instructions:

Before deployment make sure you have satisfied all the requirements above (expecially
the postgres database and java environment).

CMDBuild can be deployed inside tomcat as any regular war-packaged webapp. 

Database configuration: it is recommended to create a configuration directory under `<tomcat>/conf/<webapp_name>` 
(the name of config directory must match the name of webapp deployment). You
will find an example of db configuration inside `<webapp>/WEB-INF/conf/database.conf_example`. 
You must copy this to `database.conf` (either in config dir `<tomcat>/conf/<webapp_name>` or `<webapp>/WEB-INF/conf/`) and
edit it according to your database params.

Guided setup: if you want to perform a clean installation you may use the graphic wizard (either run the
installer or run `java -jar cmdbuild.war` directly from the war.

External contributors: 

* Arabic translation by Fahad Senan
* Brazilian Portuguese translation by Simone Jaqueline Pio Lomonaco and Andre Gustavo Lomonaco 
* Chinese translation by Liansheng Yang 
* Croatian translation by Tomislav Perić 
* Czech translation by Jiří Langr 
* Dutch translation by Eric van Rheenen
* European Portuguese translation by Ruben Silva 
* French translation by Philippe Poumaroux and Jean Lasson
* Greek translation by Dimitris Maniadakis
* Hungarian translation by Márton Natkó 
* Japanese translation by Shoji Seki and Satoru Funai
* Korean translation by Kyungik An
* Persian translation by Ali Amiri 
* Russian translation by Pavel Kraynyukhov and Andrey Khlebnikov 
* Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic script) translation by Miroslav Zaric
* Slovak translation by Igor Kurty
* Slovenian translation by Andrej Jausovec
* Turkish translation by Veysel Burak
* Ukrainian translation by Artem Yanchuk
* Vietnamese translation by Trong Nguyen

Below is a list of the publicly available software and resources used
by and distributed with CMDBuild, along with the licensing terms.

* Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) ( is
 released under the BSD License: