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tweaks after run through

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 def getDataSource() { grailsApplication.mainContext.getBean("dataSource") }
-def retrievePerson() {
-    Person.findByLastName("Naleid") ?: 
- "Naleid", ssn: "123456789")
+def printEncryptedAndDecryptedSsn(person) {
+    println "Decrypted ssn = ${person.ssn}"
+    eachRow("select * from person where name = ${}"){ println it }
-def p = retrievePerson()  
-p.ssn = "123456789" true, flush: true)
+def person = Person.buildLazy(name: "Ted Naleid")  
-eachRow("select * from person"){ println it}
+person.ssn = "111-11-1111" true, flush: true)
+person.ssn = "999-99-9999" true, flush: true)
+person.ssn = "111-11-1111" true, flush: true)


 import com.bloomhealthco.jasypt.GormEncryptedStringType
 class Person {
-	String firstName
-	String lastName
+	String name
 	String ssn
-    static constraints = {
-    }
 	static mapping = {
 		ssn type: GormEncryptedStringType
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