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 Name: cms-context_processors
 Description: for django-cms. defines various context processors for inclusion in apps attached to django-cms pages; initially created because because 'sites' was not being passed to photologue template contexts for some reason
 Download: http://bitbucket.org/tehfink/cms-context_processors/
-- django-cms-2.0: rev 63a124cfda6c10b9f4831da0627a9f80b64e675c
-- django: 1.1
+- django-cms-2: 2.0.2
+- django: 1.1.1
-Last tested with:
-- django-cms-2.0: rev 63a124cfda6c10b9f4831da0627a9f80b64e675c
-- django: rev 11600
+- this release is only compatible with django-cms 2.0.2
 - make sure requirements are installed and properly working
 - add cms_context_processors to python path
 - add "cms_context_processors.context_processors.XXX" to INSTALLED_APPS, where XXX is the processor you want (at the moment there is only one: 'sites')
 - reference context processor in views/contexts as necessary
 - add more context processors!
+in a template:
+{{ site.name }}
 This is not great code, but it works. Please tell me how to make it better!
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