tehfink avatar tehfink committed 8485235

using `get_name()`; added missing '#'; using 'id' instead of 'name' for link anchor

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 <div class="faq-entry{% if css %} {{ css }}{% endif %}">
-    <div class="faq-entry-topic">
-        <a name="{{ name }}">
+    <div class="faq-entry-topic" id="{{ get_name }}">
+        <a href="#{{ get_name }}" title="Permalink to this FAQ entry">
             {{ topic|safe }}


         <li{% if css %} class="{{ css }}"{% endif %}>
             <div class="faq-entry-topic">
-                <a href="{{ faq_entry.get_absolute_url }}">
+                <a href="#{{ faq_entry.get_name }}">
                     {{ faq_entry.topic|safe }}
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