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 - make sure requirements are installed and properly working
 - add cmsplugin_photologue to python path
 - add 'cmsplugin_photologue' to INSTALLED_APPS
-- add ('cmsplugin_photologue.urls', 'Photologue plugin app') to CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS
-- add ('cmsplugin_photologue.navigation', 'Photologue plugin navigation') to CMS_NAVIGATION_EXTENDERS
+- add ('cmsplugin_photologue.urls', 'Photologue app') to CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS
+- add ('cmsplugin_photologue.navigation', 'Photologue app Navigation') to CMS_NAVIGATION_EXTENDERS
 - run `python manage.py syncdb` and, if you haven't already, photologue's `python manage.py plinit`
 - add plugins to pages, or attach 'Photologue plugin app' and 'Photologue plugin navigation' to a page (you may have to restart server process for urls to an attached page to work, something with how django-cms caches urls)
 - are stripped down, slightly modified versions of django-cms' example project for each relevant version
 - require a virtualenv with the requirements above installed
 - should work out of the box
+- username/password: admin/password
 Examples (settings.py):