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I can run the example project with the attached db, but when I resync db, I keep getting reverse error message when adding new photos, especially after thump_admin photo size is defined. I try to do everything including setting the cms_ language_core, cms 2.02, but all failed. Please let me what I can I do to make it work. Why the attached db is working?

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  1. tehfink repo owner

    to be clear: using the example with django-cms 2.0.2 & django-1.1.1 works ok? no problems?

    you have problems with reverse errors in your own project? what software versions are you using there (django, django-cms, photologue, cmsplugin-photologue?

    did you try restarting the server process after: 1) syncing the db, or 2) creating an apphook for cmsplugin-photologue in a cms Page (don't forget to save the Page)

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