cmsplugin-photologue / examples / cms-2.0.2 / cmsplugin_photologue_example / galleriffic instructions.txt

The cms-2.X branch has multiple heads

steps i took to use galleriffic with django-cms & cmsplugin-photologue:

1. downloaded galleriffic:
2. placed galleriffic js & css files inside project: cmsplugin_photologue_example/media/galleriffic
3. downloaded justhamade's galleriffic template and modified urls & layout for example project: cmsplugin_photologue_example/templates/plugins/cmsplugin_photologue/photologue_gallery_galleriffic_justhamade.html
4. added the following to to allow choosing justhamade's template in django-cms page admin:
    ('default', 'photologue_gallery.html'),
    ('Justhamade\'s Galleriffic gallery', 'photologue_gallery_galleriffic_justhamade.html'),
5. created 'galleriffic testpage' in django-cms admin
6. added gallery plugin to that page
7. chose 'Justhamade\'s Galleriffic gallery'
8. saved plugin & page

start up the example project, and check it out:

the css needs to be sorted out, but it works!

in django-cms master there is a PluginMedia class & templatetag, which will make dealing with the css & js easier. we'll take advantage of that when the next django-cms version is released.