• basic galleriffic install working; see instructions in example project. thanks justhamade!
  • dealing with plugin media will be made easier in the next django-cms release


  • new features & bugfixes!
  • django-cms 2.0.2 only - nav extenders in django-cms trunk are still broken
  • models need updating, check the readme for directions
  • next up: js gallery integration

2010-01-21 get_absolute_url() only works if the page language matches; see: http://groups.google.com/group/django-cms/browse_thread/thread/81be6e77645609b3/d6ac7c3bb9243a13?#msg_3b4e24df47122392

2010-01-21 update broken again by: http://github.com/digi604/django-cms-2.0/commit/0634da9f002c903caf32f2559d1513f0032ba2a1

2010-01-20 django-cms trunk broke get_absolute_url() on models; explains why no links in templates are working. trying to fix again…

2010-01-15 first hack at language namespaces; seems to work. need to figure out some kind of caching to speed up page loading

2010-01-13 basic navigation now working with django-cms trunk. next up, language namespaces

2010-01-12 evening apphook urls and navigation extenders should work with django-cms 2.0.2. see example project (not included in pip install, so download directly from bitbucket)

2010-01-12 due to recent changes in django-cms, the apphook urls and navigation extenders are currently broken. i'm working on fixing it.


  • branch cms-2.X follows django-cms 2.X
    • tag cms-2.0.2 is compatible with django-cms 2.0.2 release
  • branch default follows django-cms master
    • currently basic functionality, no language namespaces (see above)


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