Commentary on Descartes’ Meditationes de prima philosophia

What is this?

As of 2019, it’s a work in progress. The plan is that it will be a text and commentary on Descartes’ Meditationes de prima philosophia. The commentary is aimed at intermediate readers of Latin. The notes focus primarily on the language, but since I hope it will be of interest to non-philosophers as well, I also talk about the arguments.

Want to look at it?

The easiest way to take a look is to download a pdf. I won’t update the pdf all the time, but it won’t run too far behind the writing.

If you have LaTeX, you should be able to build a pdf of the document by running make. You’ll need a pretty recent version of LaTeX and its supporting packages.

Want to help?

I would love feedback on anything (my terrible LaTeX, the text, or the commentary). The most easy way to contribute is to post an issue, but you’re also welcome to fork and make a pull request. (Note to self: Add something for non-technical readers about how this model works.)