Usage Report of Time Reports for JIRA Cloud

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Shreyas Racherla created an issue

Hello, I am the Jira admin for our instance. Can you get me a report on how many users are using the "Time Reports for JIRA Cloud" add on?

How many dashboards is the gadget used in?


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  1. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Shreyas,

    I'm thinking of using Keen IO to let you (any customer) track add-on usage privately.

    You will need to create account there, project and provide add-on Project Id and Write Key, see example screen shot (keys) and documentation for more details. Then you will need to setup dashboard in Keen IO in arbitrary manner, that will give you usage information for a past period of time, see example screen shot (dashboard) and documentation.

    Please let me know whether it would help.

    Thank you.

    keys.png dashboard.png

  2. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Shreyas,

    I've just come up to simpler idea. E.g. add-on can record number of times it is loaded by each user in JIRA, thus still privately, and display chart of top N users for last and this month, e.g.:


    Please let me know if it looks better/sufficient.

    Thank you.

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