[TIME-223] sliding interval - previous week, next week...

Issue #223 resolved
Andriy Zhdanov created an issue

Currently we use the Jira Timesheet plugin to effectively fill in timesheets, as a gadget on our dashboard.
It shows for instance 2 weeks of data, and you can quickly see if you "average" to the number of hours a day.

It would be handy to be able to "slide" this interval backward and forward...
For instance 1 week "back", shows last week + 2 weeks ago. Another 1 week "back" shows 2 weeks + 3 weeks ago...
Like you would do in an outlook calendar for instance.

We also fill in our holiday up front, so sliding to the "next week" (in the future) should also be possible.

The alternative nowadays to see the timesheet of 4 weeks ago, is to set the number of weeks to '4', but then the number of tickets to show becomes large (ten's)... And you end up losing to see the totals at the bottom ( issue #140 "[TIME-140] Time Sheet Gadget Doesn't Display Totals") (=> calculation of a "height", that doesn't take in account if ticket descriptions span multiple lines ?)

By olivier.vandevoorde/Olivier Vandevoorde on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 05:24:56 -0800

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  1. Andriy Zhdanov reporter

    Just to let all know, I'm not going to work on it, also contribution is welcome.

    By azhdanov on Thu, 1 Mar 2012 06:54:30 -0800

  2. Andriy Zhdanov reporter

    I can't think out any way to implement this within gadget, although it could be done quite easy within report. So, if having sliding interval in report will work you, please let me know, I might be able to add this.

    By azhdanov on Thu, 1 Mar 2012 09:58:24 -0800

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