Show inProgress tasks even if no work is logged.

Issue #317 resolved
Wesley Monroe created an issue

Currently, only task/sub-tasks that have non-empty work logged against them show up in the timesheet. Suggest that any task that show us as inProgress should be shown even if the work logged is empty. If this is true, it will be easy for the first time entry to be made on a particular task.

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  1. Jozef Kotlár

    Hello, I think this is not fortunate solution - to add this feature without possibility to switch it off - what is reasoning to show issues in progress in the past

    I would suggest replace it with - possibility to specify filter - e.g. switch it off - do not display them in at all - for example allow to add in total row (list of issues in progress will appear in tooltip

  2. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Jozef,

    I thought that 'In progress' status is so specific for issues that are in work, and can not be in past.

    Is it different in your case or this is just theoretic concern?

    Thank you.

  3. Jozef Kotlár

    There are two topics:

    • I agree - usage of In Progress is really heavily forced in JIRA, I personnaly use them to keep list of issue I should work on primarily - say 10-15 issues, I have another gadget with issues in Progress on the dasboard, so now it 2/3 of the screen is filled with both of them ;-(
    • the second thought was only a guess - I was not able to test due #319 - whether those in progress issues are prefilled also in previous week, along with already logged 20-30 issues
  4. Andriy Zhdanov

    Okay, I made it disabled by default, and to enable it one needs to set the following in jira-home/ and restart JIRA:

    jira.timesheet.plugin.inProgressClause=status = "In Progress"

    Please reinstall 2.3.10, and thank you for useful suggestions!

  5. Jozef Kotlár

    OK, thanks - I will test it. By the way I would suggest you for the future, to not reuse already released version number. It will save you some time in support.

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