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Hi Andriy,

A few weeks ago, I've mentioned (see Issue#409) that need for you and you adviced me for take a look at TEMPO ADD-ON... Thanks for that!

But, I also open an ask to JIRA Charting team, since they are responsible for the JIRA ADD-ON that expose workload pie chart gadget.

When they (finally) answered my ask, they recommend me to use timesheet plug-in to address my request. I explained them that you guys (still) don't have pie chart gadgets (please see all the conversation, so far, at:

So... I'd like (so much) that you consider to implement this new feature at the future versions of timesheet plug-in.

Hope some response. Thanks again!


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  1. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Ok, will work on it in nearest future! That should not be very hard, but still may take a month or two.

    For now I think of it as Time Chart Report, based on Project Pivot Report, but displaying results in a few preferred charts. Later it may presented as gadget as well.

    Please let me know if you have any comments.

    Thank you.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    It's good to hear about your plans!

    In fact, an implementation as a (or some) new report(s) sounds OK, at first glance. Because it will provide the (correct) information for us.

    However, for us, a gadget will be the final and ideal solution. It's because all our controls are visualized in a unique JIRA dashboard.

    So..., shortly, please go ahead about the new feature. Of course, as soon as possible, according to your availability.

    Cheers! ;D

  3. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Would you like to give us some feedback on functionality being developed? Please see attached screenshots.

    We plan to add legend for somewhat better view, but basically there two views, chart for single user, by issue, and chart by users when project, role or group is specified in gadget configuration. And it corresponds to Time Sheet Gadget.

    Would you like anything else to be added?

    Thank you.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey Andriy, great and fast news!

    Here you have my considerations in order to clarify your development:

    1o. Please, beyond the percentage information, put the quantity of hours at the GRAPH SLICES

    2o. Please, also implement a view for issuetype, beyond the issue view

    3o. Please, put the grand total of hours (quantity) at the botton of the chart

    4o. Please, when the filter returns no data found, provide some user friendly message (just like: No results for the filter [something close to that]), but, show the information, even zero

    Ops! Almost forgot... Beyond project option for the filter (as you said), please expose a filter (pre-saved JIRA filter) for the gadget. Just like the other timesheet gadgets you have.

    Please see the screenshot attached for support.

    Thanks a lot for feedback and for ask me back.

    Best regards and cheers! ;D

  5. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, please take a look at updated screenshots, and feel free to let us know if anything can be made better.

    Thank you.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Fantastic evolution, great news!

    The implementation has just became exactly what I expected.

    Just for explicit clarification for the user, put after the total (i.e.: Total 33h) the expression as follows: Total 33h - time spent by [user | issue | issuetype].

    Just one more request, as I've already mentioned before. Please, implement a new view, exactly the same as you show me, but, by issuetype. Please see the example below:

    • BUG - 33% - 33h (result of the sum of time spent registered)

    • TASK - 44% - 44h (same, as mentioned above)

    • IMPLEMENTATION - 12% - 12h (same, as mentioned above)

    • ENHANCEMENT - 11% - 11h (same, as mentioned above)

    I think with this new view (by issuetype), the new feature will be perfect!

    Hope it helps you guys.

    Cheers! ;D

  7. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Ah, I misunderstood it previously, ok we'll add 'Group By Field' to let it be flexible.

    Thank you.

  8. Former user Account Deleted


    Thanks a lot Andriy. When you implement the new view, please attach a new screenshot just for my review.


  9. Former user Account Deleted

    It's perfect! You've just solved my problem with this new issuetype view. Thanks a lot!

    To definitely close my request, please, put after the total (i.e.: Total 33h) the expression as follows: Total 33h - time spent by [user | issue | issuetype].

    I can not wait for the new version.

    Thanks again!

  10. Former user Account Deleted

    Completely fine. It's perfect!

    Thanks a lot and sorry for being so demanding. ;D


  11. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Great, and no worries, everything you asked for was completely in my plans too, it's just great to communicate on progress, thank you for your help, and you can expect plugin update this week.

  12. Former user Account Deleted


    As you said, It's just fantastic to communicate on progress, this really works to reach user expectations.

    Best regards!

  13. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    I'm glad to let you know, that version 2.6 with the chart is available for download from Atlassian Marketplace! Hope you'll find it useful.

    Thank you.

  14. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    I'll update our version today and enjoy the new "toy".

    Thanks a lot for ALL your attention and quickness to solve our problem.

    Best regards and Cheers for you ALL! ;D

  15. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    We're having a little problem with the new gadget, please see attached image.

    Letters in white color cannot be visualized on screen. Furthermore, at least one label is not properly framed on screen.

    Could you fix these? Thanks!

  16. Former user Account Deleted

    On Firefox navigator, we are having another kind of BUG (please see new attached image).

  17. Andriy Zhdanov

    OMG. So, what are the version numbers of your browsers? I have seen somewhat similar behaviour to your first screenshot in very old Firefox 7, and it was intermittent.

  18. Former user Account Deleted

    About the browser versions, please, see my comments above.

    I think they are the last ones respectively.

  19. Former user Account Deleted

    Atlassian JIRA (v6.0.5#6102-sha1:c1eb8c5).

    In order of priorities, please check the Google Chrome issues first. We just don't use Firefox for work purposes, we use it only for comparisions against Google Chrome.

  20. Andriy Zhdanov

    Well, works perfectly for me in exactly the same environment. But on your screen shots, everything looks a bit differently, I mean text styles. Compare to my screenshots. Do you use some style customizations in your JIRA? Thanks.

  21. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    I think I don't use any style configuration on JIRA. But, to be sure about that, please let me know where I can check on JIRA.

    Another point, when I refresh the screen through F5 or even CTRL+F5 I receive this message on the top of the gadget: [Could not draw pie with labels contained inside canvas].

    I'd like to recommend you an implementation workaround (if you allow me to), instead of put the labels (names of users, issues or issuetypes) inside squares with the same backcolor set to the graph slices, try to use a line linking the graph slice to the label, just like one of my screenshots did and use the color black for the labels.

    Finally, to avoid overlapping words (it's happening in my case), instead of put the information side by side (Graph and Legends), try to put the information one above the other (graph above and the legends below).

    Please, feel free to deny every suggestion that I made above. I just want to help to solve some browser renderization issues. Cause I know that stuff simply make us "kind of annoying".

    I'm waiting for your comments. Thank you!

  22. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    I see it now, due to the error! I will try to solve it next week.

    Regarding your suggestions. Unfortunately I can't do line linking as in built-in JIRA Workload chart. This chart uses different technology (flot.js). I've thought also of just using black color for labels, but I afraid it will be worse readable (basing on 508 standards). Though may be using different constant background (say light-gray) for labels, could work better, but may be more ugly also.

    Also I would not like to put legend below the chart, because in that case gadget would take much more vertical place.

    But with the problem clear, I hope to limit width of labels, and move legend outside of chart canvas.

    Thank you.

  23. Former user Account Deleted

    About line linking I wondered that it would be a technical issue, no problem. It's just a thought.

    About labels I encourage you to just try to use black, maybe it doesn't become so ugly to see. But, of course, you are the boss. ;D

    Well, if you want any help for pre validation of the adjusts, as we are already doing, please don't hesitate to call my support.

    Finally, independent of those little problems, the new gadget is GREAT and, for sure, it will be very usefull for us.

    Thank you!

  24. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    I think I have a quick workaround for you by now. Try refresh in top right corner gadget menu.

    Also I've noticed another problem, for Group By Field, in case of multiple projects, if there is the same value in different projects, it's shown once per project. Just be aware.


  25. Former user Account Deleted

    OK! Thanks for the tips.

    Since the new version has not been yet published over here. I think I'll wait for the fixes (hope next week).

    Until there, I'll keep executing another tests and, in case I discover something strange I'll let you know ASAP.

    Best regards!

  26. Former user Account Deleted

    I'll inform my TI support and ask them for install this new version.

    Thanks a lot by version (not oficial) in advance.

    Have a nice weekend over there.

  27. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    FANTASTIC!!! It works very FINE!

    That's really a gift for my weekend.


  28. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    I've been testing the ADD-ON during the saturday and here you are my recommendations: 1o. Consider to use a little bit more vertical space for the GADGET and make the graph bigger, cause when you have at least 5 slices (or more) on the graph, some legends could not be visualized on the screen. Please, make a test with the information below, using a week or 10 days as a period of analisis:

    • User Joe register only 2 hours during the period
    • User John register only 3 hours during the period
    • User Janet register 48 hours during the period
    • User Martha register 40 hours during the period
    • User Clark register only 1 hour during the period

    You (probabily) will see that the slices with minor volumes (of hours) won't presented the legends on the graph. It happened to me and I attached a file (I used an issutype instead of worked user on group by, as an example. However, I think the behavior would be the same).

    2o. Consider to invert the information between the graph and the legend's section. I will explain better:

    • Move the volume of hours (currently on graph slices) to legends (between parentheses), because this information must to be always visualized and will be more consistent with the grand total of hours right below it.
    • On the other hand, move the percent information from the legend's section to the graph.

    3o. (this is a new request) If the user has informed a filter and, on the other hand, has NOT informed the number of weeks (first parameter on gadget configuration), please, consider to execute a query throughout all the records of the filter. The reason is that in this kind of visualization (pie charts) you could not be limited to a period, just like on the Project Pivot table or Timesheet visualizations. Otherwise, if the period is longer than 8 weeks (the current limit for the search), the gadget won't show the whole information in a single query.

    Hope your considerantions. Thank you!

  29. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Thank you for the suggestions, I have also thought about some of these before, please take a look at slightly improved update ( and comments:

    1) Labels are hidden in purpose for very little (less than 5%) pies, but I've made chart use dynamic height, depending on gadget width, so I hope this and next point solves this inconvenience.

    2) Yes, now it looks better to swap hours and percents with legend and label, so I did it.

    3) Well, I can't do this one, time interval is the core of add-on, sorry.

    Please let me know your further experience.

    Thank you.

  30. Former user Account Deleted


    Now it's really BIGGER! ;D

    1) So, as a rule, labels (less than 5%) will be hidden. That's OK, I can live with that, with no problem. Cause now, the main information is always showed on legend's section. Nice!

    2) The swap of information between graph and legend was great. Thanks!

    Oh! If possible, consider to keep the volume of hours (now on legend's section) between parentheses or brackets, it's better for visualization.

    3) OK, I understand that. But, if possible, consider to increase the maximum number of weeks from 8 to 12. Because some projects' interactions (around here) can have a duration of approximately 3 months. And, because of that, for us is very important to have all the information in a sigle view.

    The version is getting better and better. Thanks a lot. See the file attached.

    Hope your considerantions.

  31. Andriy Zhdanov

    Yeah, I have also just notice problem with legend color boxes, hope to solve it :) And regarding max time interval, please see http://localhost:5000/#/wiki/Plugin_Configuration/Maximum_Period_Limit

  32. Former user Account Deleted


    An URL with localhost... [http://localhost:5000/#/wiki/Plugin_Configuration/Maximum_Period_Limit]. I could not reach the site content. Could you expose the main information over here (as plain text)?


  33. Former user Account Deleted

    If I understand right, my version is limiting the amount of 8 weeks, because of this parameter. Right?

    So, if I change this parameter to the maximum setting mentioned in the documentation [jira.timesheet.plugin.maxDays = 360]. I can put up to 52 weeks. This is it?

  34. Andriy Zhdanov

    Yes, but instead of (old) jira.timesheet.plugin.maxDays property, use corresponding Configuration Option in JIRA Administration - Add-Ons - Timesheet Plugin Configuraiton

  35. Former user Account Deleted

    Fantastic! How did not I think of that before?... ;D

    Thanks a lot Andriy, this indeed solve our problem (item #3).

  36. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    If there are no more issues, or if you just would like, please try out updated unofficial from the downloads tab for the problem with label color boxes. Then I publish it soon.

    Thank you.

  37. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    Thanks! I'll try this new version today and give you feedback ASAP.

    Just to update myself, please let me know if:

    • the volume of hours (showed on legend's section) is now inside parentheses or brackets for better visualization.

    As a NEW request, but, if you prefer or even consider that is a relevant one, I can post it on another issue...

    Since it is mandatory to have a range of dates to proceed the query, beyond the number of weeks (as a reference parameter), consider (in some futere version) to have and OR clause (as an absolute and static parameter). Then your gadget configuration would look like as below:

    • [First parameter of the gadget]

      Number of weeks: 99 OR

      Range of dates: StartDate [01/10/2013] and EndDate [31/12/2013]

    It's because, in some cases (my case as an example), sometimes you need that the view just keep moving foward as time pass (current situation). But, in other specific cases, you need a kind of snapshot view. It means, the view must be frozen in a given time / period (through the absolute parameters), showing all the records as they were logged in that moment.

  38. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Michel,

    Now ( has hours in parentheses, sorry I missed it last time.

    And regarding fixed range view, I don't think it will be eventually implemented, but you may put a separate issue for reference, who knows.

    Thank you.

  39. Former user Account Deleted

    Thanks a lot 4all!

    I'll do that about the new request, as you said, who knows...

  40. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    I've posted a comment on that issue. Feel free to make your considerations over there.


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