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I have the requirement to change the accessibilty of the timesheets. It would be helpful, if I as an adminstrator can configure more fine grade which timesheet a user can see. Currently, you are only able to configure that a user can see timesheet of all user or only his/her own timesheets. We employ Scrum as a development process and for developers it is helpful to see the timesheet of the team members.

I could achieve this by allowing the developers to see timesheet of all users but German data privacy laws requires to reduce the accessibility of data like timesheets as much as possible. Hence, it would be nice extension if I could define the accessibility of the timesheet on a group basis. For example, I as an administrator define a certain group and if a user is member of this group, he/she is allowed the timesheet of all members in this group.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I know this configuration. But as I see it, you are only able to configure either that a user can only see his own timesheet or he is able to see the timesheets of all users by making him a member of a group (Timesheet Auditors Group) or assigning him a special role (Timesheet Auditors Role). But I want to be able to configure that a specific user can only see the timesheets of users in a special group if he is a member of that group. Thus, instead of seeing the timesheet of all user, a user can see the timesheet of specific group which is a subset of all users.

  2. Andriy Zhdanov

    Hi Moerten,

    Let me check if the following will work for you: user should be able to see timesheet of users in the same group(s) he or she is in.

    I'm thinking of additional flag, say 'Restricted Timesheet', in plugin configuraiton, and if it's enabled, the logic above should be applied in addition to the Auditors Group or Auditors Role settings.

    Please check supposed visibility matrix in this case: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai6BFV79vBqqdFpNbGs2cHlvVlF0bVFYXzJDOWI2LVE&usp=sharing

    Thank you.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andriy,

    the solution with the restricted timesheet flags seems to be good, but on top I would need to be able to administer a list of groups for which the group visibility applies.

    The reason being that our jira accounts & groups are connected to the company's active directory accounts. Due to this fact we have one group "G_Jira-Users" in which all employees are member that use jira. Hence, the restricted timesheet flag alone is not sufficient for our jira setup. My idea is that I could add a group like "G_Jira-Developers" to the mentioned list and than all developers can see the time sheets of people in that particular group.

    Best, Moerten

  4. Andriy Zhdanov

    Version 2.7.4 is released with possibility to set visibility inside selected groups only, please see Timesheet Restricted Groups in Administration - Add Ons - Timesheet Configuration.

  5. Alex Slow

    Добрый день Андрей. После покупки лицензии, плагин перестал работать. Настрйока плагина была по умолчанию. Все время плоучаю сообщение.

    Data is limited to Timesheet Auditors Roles: Administrators.

  6. Andriy Zhdanov

    Добрый день, Дмитрий,

    Я не думаю, что это связано с лицензией. Просто кто-то настроил Timesheet Auditor Roles в Administration - Add-ons - Timesheet Configuration, и отчет сообщает об этом - т.е. вы можете видеть данные только для тех проектов, в которых у вас роль Администратор.

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