Temporal Gisplay

The Temporal Gisplay API is a client side API to visualize thematic maps on the Web, using Javascript and WebGL 2, that is able to deal with datasets with over a million points.

Temporal Gisplay has the following special characteristics:

  • Interaction with zoom and pan operations.
  • Filter data with legend, with multiple available legends.
  • Multiple projections, which enable the simultaneous visualization of spatial region physically separated like Portugal and it's islands.
  • Multiple background maps, which is the only component that needs a connection with a server.
  • Temporal data with a temporal controller. Temporal Controller

Right now, the Temporal Gisplay has the following thematic maps:

  1. Choropleth
  2. DotMap
  3. Proportional Symbols
  4. Figures Map
  5. Lines Map

To use the Temporal Gisplay API, the programmer has a set of options available. The API tries to provide the best defaults in terms of cartography and data visualization based on the current best practices.

Options explained


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