Michael P. Jung committed b2eca8c

Remove use of django specific get_unit_display function

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 = discount
         self.vat_rate = vat_rate
-    def get_unit_display(self):
-        return self.unit
     def subtotal(self):
         return self.price * self.quantity


                 Cell(escape(item.period) if item.period else
                      escape(date_format(, 'SHORT_DATE_FORMAT')) if else u''),
                 Number(u'%s €' % number_format(item.price, 2)),
-                Cell((u'/%s' % escape(item.get_unit_display()))
+                Cell((u'/%s' % escape(item.unit))
                     if item.unit else u''),
                 Number(number_format(item.quantity, 2)),
                 Number(u'%s €' % number_format(item.subtotal, 2)),
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