Terry Peppers


Hopefully a centralized location for people to upload slides/presentations from the PyCon 2010 Testing in Python Birds of a Feather session.


TIP stands for Testing in Python. There's a mailing list of folks ( http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/testing-in-python ) who care about testing and methodologies, be they Agile, TDD, Stupidity Driven Development, etc. Discussions run the gamut of code organization, testing frameworks, continuous integration, web testing, etc.


As we become more efficient at producing web sites, inevitably the issue of quality (or lack thereof) can begin to slow the velocity at which implementation teams are able to move forward. Functional testing tools can help increase quality, bolster team confidence and keep things running smoothly.


When faced with the simple task of figuring out how to use configuration to your advantage in Python there are a myriad of methods. The purpose of this talk is to walk through the standard library modules and the popular Python Package Index modules comparing and contrasting configuration formats and the code that consumes them. Specifically, I would like to walk through the use of the csv module, the ConfigParser module, ConfigObj, lxml, PyYaml and SimpleJSON.


This tutorial aims to educate attendees on the the basics of functional testing of web applications. Is your app rendered as plain HTML? Great! We'll show you how to build a test suite for it. Is your app all AJAXy? No problem! We can do that too! We're going to write a web application, first in straight html and then with AJAX, and show you how to try to break it. At the end of this hands-on session, you'll be able to write tests for almost any web site, using all open-source tools and our favorite language - Python.