Introduction to Functional Web Testing With Twill & Selenium

:author: Terry Peppers
:date: 2009.02.26
:version: 0.0.1

This tutorial for PyCon 2009 in Chicago was presented by Terry Peppers, 
Pam Zerbinos and Kevin Boers.

Table of Contents

* Using the Webserver
* Acknowledgements

Using the Webserver

A small dummy web server written in Python has been bundled with this package. 
It's not ours, it's wonky and actually it's not going to work for anything 
outside of what we did in the tutorial because we weren't going to entrust our
fate to PyCon wireless. 


Jason Pellerin, Kumar McMillan, C. Titus Brown, Jason Huggins, Grig Gheorgiu, 
Nat Williams, Jesse London, Michael Manley, Joel Grossman and you.