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Ryan Wilcox
added Reveal Repository In Finder command
Added New Repo command
Jens Alfke
Fix #18. HgRepository was mutating its 'revisions' array in place, confusing the RevisionGraph. Changed the _revisions array to be immutable, updated by setting a new array.
Jens Alfke
* Merged in initial German localization by beb. * Added 'dump' method for repository, to help debug problems with its state.
first steps for I18n to German
Jens Alfke
Fixed bug #10: Failed to find 'hg' tool if there wasn't a $PYTHONPATH environment variable. Also cleaned up the whole tool-location code.
Jens Alfke
Fix issue #11: mangled revision graph after pull, causing infinite loop.
Fixed build errors in 10.6
Jens Alfke
Added doc-comments to the classes, to help other people make sense of the code.
Jens Alfke
Fixed bug #1: "release config doesn't build. Warnings are treated as errors and there is a warning about an uninitialized variable being used." This was an actual crashing bug, ick.
Jens Alfke
First commit to offical new Murky repo
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