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 Django css
 .. _Sass:
 .. _CleverCSS: 
 .. _LESS:
-.. _django_compressor: 
 Thanks to django_compressor, django-css will also version and compress linked and inline javascript or CSS into a single cached file. These cached files will get served through whatever frontend server you use for serving static files, because serving static files through Django is just silly.
 Django-css was previously using django-compress_ for versioning and compression, and it now uses django_compressor_. The main reasons being that with django_compressor, css/js files are included in the template itself, not in settings, and versioning is much cleaner. Version 2 requires much less setup and is easier to use, but is not compatible with version 1.
 .. _django-compress:
-.. _django_compressor: 
+.. _django_compressor:
 Special thanks to Christian Metts and Andreas Pelme for all their hard work on django_compressor and django-compress.