This is the KROME repository

KROME is a nice and friendly package to model chemistry and microphysics
for a wide range of astrophysical simulations.
Given a chemical network (in CSV-like format) it automatically
generates all the routines needed to solve the kinetic of the system,
modelled as system of coupled Ordinary Differential Equations.
It provides different options which make it unique and very flexible.
Any suggestions and comments are welcomed. KROME is an open-source
package, GNU-licensed, and any improvements provided by
the users is well accepted. See disclaimer below and GNU License
in gpl-3.0.txt.



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Additional material can be found in the Computational Astrochemistry Schools website


Written and developed by Tommaso Grassi
 Starplan, Copenhagen
 Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

and Stefano Bovino
 Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg

Contributors: J.Boulangier, T.Frostholm, D.Galli, F.A.Gianturco, T.Haugboelle,
A.Lupi, J.Prieto, J.Ramsey, D.R.G.Schleicher, D.Seifried, E.Simoncini,

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KROME is provided "as it is", without any warranty.
The Authors assume no liability for any damages of any kind
(direct or indirect damages, contractual or non-contractual
damages, pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages), directly or
indirectly derived or arising from the correct or incorrect
usage of KROME, in any possible environment, or arising from
the impossibility to use, fully or partially, the software,
or any bug or malfunction.
Such exclusion of liability expressly includes any damages
including the loss of data of any kind (including personal data)

Trusted commit

Additional notes: this version of KROME is a developer version,
while the stable version has been dropped. For this reason we
warmly recommend to check the status of the release by using the
test website

More information on the "tested" version here