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KROME / Interfaces

6.7 C and Python interfaces

One can call compiled KROME Fortran procedures from C or Python.

Activate the interfaces using ./krome -interfaceC or ./krome -interfacePy.

Test programs (based on Exercise 2 of the 2015 KROME bootcamp) are available to see how it works (or if it works ;). Try either ./krome -test=Cinterface or ./krome -test=Pyinterface, and then see the README in the build directory for further instructions.

NOTE that not all KROME features have been tested (e.g., dust, photochemistry).


  • the ISO_C_BINDING Fortran module; this should be a part of any Fortran 2003 compiler.
  • the Python interface depends on ctypes (part of the standard library) and numpy modules.

Features currently missing:

  • Passing strings to/from Fortran from/to C or Python is not yet supported; it remains a work in progress.