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Mess with anchor names so it works on bitbucket
acknowledge Amro
Change readme generation so it doesn't showCode, which was a little confusing in the bitbucket page.
Restructure doctest_run so it doesn't require an external file
Switch from Markdown to ReStructuredText
Arr, try again and see if markdown works again
try to get bitbucket to show the readme correctly
flesh out the README generation process
no line wrap
darn, html doesn't work..
document how to run gen_readme
Switched to autogen'd README using PUBLISH
Better avoidance of polluting test namespace, better options for verbosity, better matching of expected error messages
clean up a little bit, and section up the file
Added ability to print a link to the function where the doctest is defined
Add hgignore to ignore SVN directory renamed files to pollute namespace less
Updated readme, added output example
Add examples + documentation. also tweaked verbosity a little (still not really the right way to do verbosity).
catch exceptions in doctests, attempt to compare them to expected output
print expected/got on all failures
Added some refinements to comparisons: manipulate the "got" string to get rid of hyperlinks and backspaced letters. Also added doctests of these comparisons.
Add support for classes Add handling for Matlab putting in hyperlinks, and when matlab prints something then backspaces over it.
fix error when running on a function with no doctests (fixes #1)
add doc about *** wildcards
Add output formatting function
Add BSD license
Change run_doctest to use the string comparison function, which allows wildcards
add a little more documentation
Initial import