Doctest for Matlab / doctest_compare.m

function match = doctest_compare(want, got)
% Matches two strings together... they should be identical, except that the
% first one can contain '***', which matches anything in the second string.
% But there are also some tricksy things that Matlab does to strings.  Such
% as add hyperlinks to help.  This doctest tests that condition.
% >> disp('Hi there!  <a href="matlab:help help">foo</a>')
% Hi there!  foo
% They also sometimes backspace over things for no apparent reason.  This
% doctest recreates that condition.
% >> sprintf('Hi there, there is no dot here: .\x08')
% ans =
% Hi there, there is no dot here: 
% All of the doctests should pass, and they manipulate this function.

% This looks bad, like hardcoding for lower-case "a href"
% and a double quote... but that's what MATLAB looks for too.
got = regexprep(got, '<a +href=".*?>', '');
got = regexprep(got, '</a>', '');

% WHY do they need backspaces?  huh.
got = regexprep(got, '.\x08', '');

want = strtrim(want);
got = strtrim(got);

if isempty(want) && isempty(got)
    match = 1;

want_escaped = regexptranslate('escape', want);
want_re = regexprep(want_escaped, '(\\\*){3}', '.*');

result = regexp(got, want_re, 'once');

match = ~ isempty(result);

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