foundation-tasking / rakefile

# constants

COMPILER = "g++"
EXEC = "unit_test"
# Use -DPLATFORM_BIG_ENDIAN for big endian platforms
FLAGS = "-Wall -Wextra -g"

OBJECTS = %w(unit_test.o memory.o murmur_hash.o)
HEADERS = %w(array.h collection_types.h memory.h memory_types.h types.h temp_allocator.h hash.h)

# tasks

task :build => [EXEC]

task :test => :build do
	sh "./#{EXEC}"

task :default => :test

desc "Clean stuff"
task :clean do
	files = (Dir["*.o"] + Dir["#{EXEC}"]).uniq
	rm_f files unless files.empty?

# rules

rule '.o' => '.cpp' do |target|
	sh "#{COMPILER} #{FLAGS} -c -o #{} #{target.source}"

file EXEC => OBJECTS do
	sh "#{COMPILER} #{FLAGS} #{OBJECTS.join(" ")} -o #{EXEC}"

# dependencies

file 'unit_test.o' => %w(unit_test.cpp) + HEADERS
file 'memory.o' => %w(memory.cpp) + %w(types.h memory_types.h memory.h)
file 'murmur_hash.o' => %w(murmur_hash.cpp) + %w(murmur_hash.h)
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