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1.8.2 shuts down after a few seconds using WinXP, IE 8

Anonymous created an issue

Unzipped the file to c:\server2go.
Double clicked Server2Go.exe IE 8 opens to the initial page, then immediately shows the "Shutdown Server2Go".

Setting "KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=1" works, but of course, leaves the process running after the browser closes.

Same thing with SQLite and MySQL versions. Tried on two separate XP machines, one 32-bit, one 64-bit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Some issue (WinXP, IE8)

    I update an old version because it leaves the process running after the browser closes. The new version close after few second.

    Are these problems resolved if I use your Simple Browser?

  2. Anonymous

    Problem maybe in combination with problem when opening with already IE instance running: Using IE 8 and another IE windows is already open, it´s not possible to startup server2go. It´s shuts down a few seconds after start.

  3. Anonymous

    Same problem. Server2go loads up (with or without splash screen), then imidiatly after loading ie8, s2g shuts down:( Im using XP, IE8 (latest windows xp patches, not updated ie to 9 yet).

  4. Anonymous

    This happens with me with IE9 too.

    The problem only occurs if another instance of IE are running.

  5. TrevorStermar

    Is this being worked on? We are getting the same problem with IE on various systems, some work OK and some do not. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to which ones work.

    Is there any more information, or any workaround other than KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose?

    This is a major problem for us, but the bug doesn't seem to have been assigned for fixing.

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