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wrong port in server2go

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despite having in the pms-config.ini HostName= ;--- Defines the port that should be used. If this port is in use a unused ;--- port will be searched automatically Port=4001 and having build my project with these settings

server2go suddenly goes to

.. also my database is still there if I manually go to 4001, but the wordpress site I built on it is set back to blank ...

Please help if possible .. I really need to finish this !!!

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  1. saxo

    Hi, similar problem: I started server2go for the first time and it worked. The second time s2go tried to start from url, and couldn't find it. If I remove the /bin manually it works. I checked httpd.conf, php.ini and pms_config.ini for wrong environmental but all is o.k. A new installation didn't work, the error remains the same.

  2. saxo

    I tried again and found, that my in htdocs installed groupware made a redirect to /bin/inex.php. But even a new installation doesn't remove this redirection. I guess this is stored somewhere in the registry?

  3. Spenser Smart

    Is it a bit late for a solution?:) Try stopping the server and trying localhost or at port 80, if anything appears or it does not go to an error screen then there is already a program using that port. To identify that port simply open Resource Monitor (I'm going to assume you have windows) and look under listening ports and your answer should be there. To make Server2Go run on that port, simply close that application and start the server; then, if you wish start up the program you just closed. As I had the same issue, it was simply a matter of closing down Skype for me but I guess the programs vary.

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