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Windows 8

Brian Dunkin
created an issue

Server2Go starts in Windows 8 then closed down immediately. What should I do? Changing from Windows 8 is not an option.

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  1. romapad

    Ok, I solved this problem by changing some settings in pms_config.ini file. Try, it may work for you too. This is my changes: KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=1 ShowTrayIcon=1 BrowserType=DEFAULT

  2. Ian Robinson

    I'm having the same issue today. Changing the pms_config.ini file has stopped Server2Go from shutting down, but is still running in my system tray when I close the browser. It also prevents me from opening another instance without shutting it down in the system tray manually.

    Is there a way to shut server2Go down when the browser closes, or if I set KeepRunningAfterBrowserClose=0 is there another way to stop the browser from shutting down as soon as I try to start server2Go, i.e. prevent the original issue Brian, romapad and I have had?

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