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Hi there,

I am currently experimenting with server2go 1.8.1. Actually it is exactly what I need since I want to make an audio sample cd with an integrated filter function via php. The problem I am experiencing at the moment is that everytime I close server2go, my whole database is gone upon reopening.

I am still developing on my harddisk not on a cd, so writing and saving shoul be working. I can create databases and tables and everything, but as I said the database is just gone after restarting server2go

Any Ideas, or am I just doing something very stupid???

Thanks in advance an you can answer me as well in German.



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  1. Timo Haberkern repo owner

    Please use the following settings in pms_config.ini:

    LocalMirror=0 OverwriteLocalMirror=0 DeleteDatabaseFiles=0

    These settings prevent from using mirrored database files. MySQL is using the files from your dbdir folder. But keep in mind that this doesn't work on CD! There you will need.

    LocalMirror=1 OverwriteLocalMirror=0 DeleteDatabaseFiles=0

    In this case you will create local mirrored database files (once)

    If this doesn't work please reopen this ticket

  2. Anonymous

    Just used this:

    Please use the following settings in pms_config.ini: LocalMirror=0 OverwriteLocalMirror=0 DeleteDatabaseFiles=0

    and it worked just fine!

    Thanks Timo

  3. Anonymous

    I have a database driven website on CD, using the exact settings as above in pms_config.ini: LocalMirror=0 OverwriteLocalMirror=0 DeleteDatabaseFiles=0. Any time I put the CD on the tray the site starts just fine, but if I close the browser (so, the server is shut down) and start it again the site die with this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in F:\

    Only doing a full restart of the computer and inserting the CD again makes the site work once... until the server is shut down again. How can I overcome this issue? Thanks in advance...

  4. Anonymous

    I am using Server2Go running from a USB memory stick.

    For keeping the database in the USB after server shutdown I used the tip :

    " LocalMirror=0 OverwriteLocalMirror=0 DeleteDatabaseFiles=0 " as Timo said but I need to add:

    --- Server2Go needs write access to the servers configuration files. For that all config files will be copied to a temp folder
    --- if StartLocal is 0. If you like to use Server2Go in a writeable environment (i.e. harddisk) you can use the value 1
    --- instead. Please note that StartLocal=1 on a CD-ROM will NOT WORK!!!!!


    now is storing the database in the directory yourownpath\server2go\dbdir

    Cheers and thanks for share

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